Lisa Rueff. Yoga Ventures Founder and Director

CEO & Founder Lisa Rueff has been leading international trips for over 10 years. She has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for global causes, focusing on sustainable solutions to provide basic needs for women and children.  She is currently building a home and school for 100 earthquake-orphaned Haitian children in Jacmel, The Jacmel Children Center in Haiti as well as a free medical clinic, Angel Wings Clinic. She taught at Yoga Tree, Yoga Works, Red Dragon Yoga, Bay Club Yoga 02 Aspen.  Lisa has been featured and published in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Origin Magazine, The Examiner, Marin Magazine, Ode and more. She has served as an Ambassador for Lululemon and... more text

Trip Leader Gina Murdock

Trip Leader Gina Murdock is the founder of the Aspen Yoga Society, a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, world traveller and intrepid explorer, as well as a journalist, environmentalist and avid cyclist, swimmer, kayker, surfer and skier. But, it is the art and practice of yoga that truly captivates this Southern California native and brings her the greatest joys and lessons; she is grateful to share these with students young and old. A woman with a zest for life, Gina jumps in and holds on, but is also willing to let go. Gina believes that yoga is a way of life taking her practice “off the mat” to incorporate the principals of yoga – strength, flexibility, balance, breath,... more text

Connection Trips

Partners Lisa and Gina partnered with Virgin Unite, the philanthropic arm of the Virgin companies. She leads Virgin Unite Connection Trips to spotlight frontline leaders doing exceptional international work, and support and highlight entrepreneurial programs and leaders that are affecting change in developing communities and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to hearing from you. Please give a call with any questions, or please email us. Thank you! Phone: 415.297.1944

Trip Leaders Tara Phillips and Angela Bailey

Aspiring philanthropists and yoga lovers,  Tara and Angela are the co-founders of “Lets Go To Haiti”. This dynamic duo have dedicated themselves to a long term vision of supporting a better future for the children and families of Haiti. After joining Lisa Rueff, founder of YogaVentures, on 2 trips to Haiti, they were so inspired and moved by their experiences, they created “Lets Go To Haiti” to continue sustainable tourism and voluntour relief efforts in Haiti. Living in Fort Lauderdale, they have HEAPS of fun engaging in Global Outreach and Youth Empowerment with meaningful projects while in Haiti.