Customize Yoga Retreat


Looking for a Yoga Retreat Experience with just your friends or loved ones? Let us design an adventure that’s tailored to match your vision. We arrange retreats from one day to two weeks, and can accommodate any size group. We love to create specialized itineraries and retreats, and will cater to your every need. We work and collaborate with local tour operators, organizations and NGOS- matching your needs with their needs, and provide the best travel experiences imaginable!

We’ve made it our mission to create journeys that provide intimate and authentic experiences for our groups that are truly unforgettable. Our adventures take you “behind the scenes” to provide intimate cultural experiences for our participants. Whether you’re passionate about nature, the outdoors, culture, yoga, art and education, you can have it all.

We’re all about expanding your heart and soul. We encourage your group to embark on a YogaVenture filled with playfulness, passion and purpose, allowing you to return home rejuvenated, with a renewed zest and a deeper appreciation of the world around you.